A Cup of Commitments

What are you committed to do today? Every morning while having my coffee, I realize how much I need to accomplish. I don’t remember a time since college that I didn’t have more than enough to do. As a result, I’m a list maker. I like lists, have learned to rely on them, and advocate the practice to others. Knowing my to-do list is always longer than the day, how do I prioritize?

In a 5×8 spiral notebook I record errands to run, people to call, a grocery list, and items to purchase for my business or home. It’s pretty much always two columns. When completing tasks not written down, I add them just so I can cross them off.

You may use your cell phone to keep your lists, beep yourself with reminders of appointments and track your ever-filling activity calendar. While I prefer paper, my friends and I are on the same page and we’ve all reached the same conclusion.

It’s all too much.

We can’t just quit work or stop caring for our families. We don’t want to leave church or organizations, so how do we pare down our bulging schedules?

When all else fails, read the directions. “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness.” I periodically review my schedule—how I invest my time, talent, and money against these words. If the end result drains me on every level without restoring my soul, I need to step back. Kingdom life brings strength for tasks and peace in the process. Some activities can be set aside so your life has breathing room.

Sip your commitments and find those that sap your spirit. Pour them out and seek a refill from God. If you’re exhausted, how can you reduce your commitments?

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