A Cup of Rest

Have you learned to pace yourself? Some of us need a lot of time to get going each day, tired before we start with an unending list of things to do. Others, like me, practically hop up in the morning, ready to go. Either way, the day stretches ahead for all of us, with places to go and activities to do.

I love being involved with people, enjoy talking with others on the phone or in person, appreciating good humor and laughter, and relishing a novel or book that lifts me up inside and challenges me to keep on going. With that kind of outlook, it’s easy to over-commit to excellent opportunities for service and joy.

“Come with us.” “Join me.” “Help with this.” These words are like magnets to me, lighting up my soul. Over time, too much coming, joining, and helping dead ends in weariness and the pressure of not finishing things I started.

It takes a certain ongoing vigilance to say “no” to good opportunities, to decline an invitation to help others, or simply to go somewhere that’s fun. Experience has taught me to step back and make my inner life the one that both thrusts me forward and holds me back.

Some responsibilities won’t go away. Family. Work. Church. And the list goes on. On the fast-paced road of life, we unconsciously look not simply for a stop sign, but for a rest sign.

Over forty years ago mine showed up in the verse, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” With my soul at rest, I make better choices.

Before we can live our days fully, we have to determine how we fill them. It’s worth the time to analyze commitments and reduce the excess. We can balance our choices.

Where is your rest stop?


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  1. Balancing my choices in life are tough especially when it comes to family and saying no. So the reminder to go to God and He will give me rest gives me peace.

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