Another Cup, Another Day

Another Cup, Another Day

Does your routine wake you up or wear you out? Whether you rise early or late, how you start your day affects the way it goes. Most of us have times that we look forward to, even if we admit that the best part is arriving home from work and relaxing in a favorite chair with a hot or cold drink of our preference.

Few of us escape the boundaries that we create with the patterns in our lives. When I reflect on the habits I indulge in, I discover a mixture of things I find pleasure or benefit in. A few are stumbling blocks I succumb to when I’m weary or bored.

Because I’m an early morning person, I relish beating the sun up and waking before it’s light outside. My pre-rising pattern has been consistent for years. Before I turn on the light, I say internally or aloud the familiar words, “This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” That one thing helps set my heart and mind in a good place.

Then I make coffee. Although at times I’ve chosen to forego it, coffee remains a morning ritual. I enjoy the pool of light my reading lamp makes, positioned so it shines over my shoulder onto my Bible or book I’m reading. I use a plain spiral notebook to jot down thoughts about pertinent passages. I even write down questions I have. Afterwards I go for a long walk in my neighborhood, continuing to think and pray about the day and people who are part of my life. I return and go to work.

Another cup on another day represents the rhythm of my life. There’s richness in my ritual.

How do you start your day?

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