Changing Routines

Changing Routines

Any morning perks up with a fresh cup of coffee, a comfortable chair, and a quiet place to begin the day. Over the decades my coffee-making routine has changed. Years ago, and I do mean years ago, my mom used a Corning ware percolator on the stove. Add enough milk and sugar and, oh, yes, it was delicious. One of my first lifelong loves.

In college, I had a plug in pot, a vivid burnt orange color. That gave way intermittently to instant coffee. (Arghh! Coffee lovers usually balk at instant.) Again, with enough additives, it was tolerable. In the following decades I did my part to keep the Mr. Coffee Company in business, as the machines served, died, and were replaced.

Twenty odd years ago at a yard sale, I picked up a coffee grinder in pristine condition. I shifted gears again, adjusted the prep time, and invested in a variety of beans—mild, medium, and flavored. True, it sounded like I was churning concrete, but the bonus of fresh-ground taste justified the extra minutes and noise.

A few years ago I capitulated to convenience and now enjoy pod coffee. It’s a time saver and allows me to offer a quick variety to my friends and clients.

I’ve adjusted my personal routine in a similar way. There was a time when I gulped coffee for the surge of energy so I could race off to school or work. I’d re-dose to keep going for long hours in my consistently hectic life. While I still stay busy, sometimes too busy, I’ve deliberately slowed down. I make sure that I have that cup in a relaxed state of body and mind to start each day.

How about you?


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