Decaf Life

I love early morning. First bird songs before dawn. Moments of solitude. Each day the gentle whir of the ceiling fan and the dependable click of the clock greet me in the dark. My mind springs to alertness and I open my eyes, ready to plunge into the day.

Because I’m naturally wired, I usually drink decaf. My pop-up Jan-in-the-box temperament makes people suppose I choose caffeine as my energy source. Not so much.

A few years back, I did drink the high-powered stuff. When my heart decided to abandon its natural calm beat for an erratic rhythm after that energizing brew, (making me feel more weird than normal), I weaned off my every day dose.

I’ve been asked, especially late in the afternoon, “Then where does all your energy come from?”

Easy. From my Designer, the source of who I am and how I run. With few exceptions, I start the day by reading my Bible, not to analyze, but to hear the voice of the one who loves me best. He has the right plan, guides me into growth, and remains faithful to me even when my life collapses.

Every coffee buzz fades. But Jesus is the energy source that never diminishes, perfectly able to prepare and strengthen me for all that comes whether happy surprises or devastating disappointments. Time spent with him anchors me in a place where word by word, he builds the foundation of my interior life. He strengthens the walls and ceiling of my heart, furnishing his dwelling place, with peace and purpose.

My decaf life draws power and clarity from a more reliable source than a beverage. Every java jolt diminishes, but not the Holy Spirit. Jesus explained that we shouldn’t live on bread alone but on every word of his. That’s how I access energy.

What do you do?

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