“Hands On”

I have a few friends who are unfamiliar with my pod coffee maker because they’ve never used one. They’ve seen them, but don’t own one, and have had no occasion to put their hands on one, so the process seems a bit of a mystery.

My brother, a very capable techie person, recently stood in front of mine, “How does it work?” This is probably the only time in my life where I knew how to operate something and he didn’t. Should have taken a picture!

“It’s not difficult.” I echoed the same words he had said to me dozens of times regarding the computer and relished the way it sounded on my tongue.

But as simple as the familiar is to a user, it’s equally not as simple to someone unused to it. A few other friends don’t drink coffee—that’s right, don’t drink coffee—I love them anyway. They’re completely at a loss regarding water to grounds portions for brewing a pot in a standard coffee maker. The same goes for making a drinkable beverage in a large, spigot-dispenser kind.

It’s simple. Unfamiliarity stumps us.

The Bible is like that for many people. Like my inexperienced, coffee-making friends, they know about it, may have tasted it, but are baffled when faced with reading it themselves. If they attend church, they drink their “cup” of Bible there, but avoid the intricacies of opening the Word and filling up at home.

Those of us who have gained some proficiency in the Bible, can have the delight of sharing how we read and study our Bibles. Peter encourages us to employ our skills “to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” Let’s take what we know and share the knowledge.

Who would you like to learn from or share with?

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