My Favorite Cup

I have a favorite cup for my coffee, a gift from a friend several years ago.

The thin ceramic isn’t as delicate as fine china, and requires less careful handling, and it’s less clunky than diner mugs. My favorite shades of aqua and teal dominate the pattern. The size is perfect for eight ounces.

Inside the rim in black script on a white background, words from Jude 2 remind me that intangibles are more important than the beverage I choose. “Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.” I like the silent reminder with each sip. In the same way, I need regular prompts to hold onto correct priorities.

We each have ideal fits—in jobs, friends, in goals and activities. We’re like Goldilocks, trying one thing and another, looking for the fit that isn’t took big or too small, but just right. By starting each day with the Lord, we acknowledge the eternal in the midst of our lives.

If I begin with Him, my cup holds the right amount of activity, neither too much nor too little. Some goals will take part of a day, others weeks, and yet others the rest of my life. But pursued properly, each one is like a cup at a time, the right amount to tackle, so that I’m busy, not overburdened, making time to work and to relax.

Your favorite cup can remind you to create life-enhancing habits, beginning with a mental and spiritual boost each morning. Your point of balance may be a favorite cup or chair.

Choose things that start your day well, whether rising for a quiet few minutes before the rest of your family, reading a well-loved devotional or your Bible, or using a journal with scripture prompts to focus the hours that stretch ahead.

What favorite things help begin your day?

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