Sip or Gulp?

How do you drink your coffee? More than the additives you may use, consider the quantity and pace with which you consume it. I tend to take my time to sip while I read or socialize, but my slow pace results in cold coffee.

Recently I had dinner at a restaurant with a new friend who made an interesting request of the waiter. “Could you just bring me a half cup of coffee? I drink slowly, and if I have a full cup it gets cold.” He was happy to comply and I gained an unexpected bonus, a way to enjoy coffee and avoid those final tepid swallows.

I’ve tended to be the same with my Bible reading—slow and methodical. I’ve enjoyed writing in the margins and a spiral notebook. But every time I’ve attempted this, my life got crazy somewhere around spring, and by early summer I was woefully behind.

In the past, I’ve attempted several solutions. I’ve set aside an entire weekend and read on and on, covering dozens of pages, making few notes and catching up, but with a sense of speeding down the interstate and missing the sights. I did more on those marathon sessions to get it done, than to absorb the message. I’ve also skipped ahead to get back on track, knowing that over the years, I’ve read the entire Bible many times.

This coffee comment paralleled a decision I’d already made. Having a half cup meant hot coffee wouldn’t be rushed. This year when I decided to read through the Bible, I got realistic and set myself up for success. By starting a month early, on Thanksgiving weekend, I planned thirty-five extra days to make time for going slower and still finishing.

Some sip. Some gulp. What will you do today?

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