What Do You Brew?

What Do You Brew?

I confess that I’ve fallen in love with my pod-style coffee maker, a gift from friends several Christmases ago. My addiction to the convenience was immediate.

Those who share my preference know that the makers of these machines not only accommodate our desire, but create multiple ways to increase it. Flavors, seasonal and year-round, abound. From a small menu of choices only a few years ago, we find our appetite tantalized with increasing varieties available from grocery stores to Bed, Bath and Beyond. And let’s not forget the handy online ordering with deals offered on a regular basis.

Right away, I honed in on Vanilla Biscotti, which remains a favorite, although I’ve ventured into caramel and alternate vanillas. I maintain pods of regular coffee and have tried several brands there as well.

Because I’m naturally a bit “wired,” and too much caffeine makes my heart dance erratically, I keep decaf on hand at all times, so I can make and sip at a moment’s notice without “overloading my circuits.”

Over the years I’ve followed a similar pattern with Bibles. Psalms tells us to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Blessed to be in a country where multiple translations with a variety of study helps are available, I’ve tried many and found delight in them.

As a result, I tend to center my reading and study on tried and true favorites. However, like new flavors of coffee, I never fail to experience insights from the Lord when I read different ones. This year, I chose a less familiar one to read through as my primary text in order to fully explore God’s voice in a fresh way.

No matter which I choose, I start my day with “The Lord’s brew.” So what’s your favorite?

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